Every half hour, while social games are in progress, staff will collect a time chip from everyone present.  Time chips cost from $4.99-$6.47 and allow each member to access any game at the club for half an hour.  

Membership Cost: Free 

Time chips: (30 min)

Buy 1

($6.47 ea)

7 after tax

Buy them as needed

Buy 10

($5.99 ea)

+1,000 Freeroll Chips

Save by buying up front

Buy 50

($5.49 ea)

+10,000 Freeroll Chips

Save by buying up front

Buy 250

($4.99 ea)

+100,000 Freeroll Chips

Save by buying up front

Curious to how our prices compare to other options? Click here. Spoiler: We don't win at everything. 

The 72 Club is a private club that strives to give its members the absolute best experience possible by providing them a safe and fun environment to enjoy the games they love.  Members enjoy unlimited access to all the games at the 72 club.  A referral from a current member is currently required.  You can apply without a referral.  

No need to lug around unused time chips, return unused chips and they will be put on your account for the next time you come in.

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