Can anyone become a member?  

Anyone over 21 years old can apply for membership.   We are a private club, memberships must be approved and can be revoked at any time.  

How are members chosen?  

Members will be added as availability opens up.  National origin, race, color, religion, disability, sex, and familial status have no effect on membership selection.  

Do you sell food or drinks?  

No.  We provide free food (snacks) and drinks (non alcoholic) for our members.  Members are welcome to bring outside food or drinks into the club.  

Can membership be revoked? 

Yes.  Membership can be revoked for breaking club rules, past due fees, or other reasons.  

Can members have alcohol in the club?  

Members can BYOB as long as they can continue to follow club rules and act respectably and responsibly. 

Can non members use the club?  

Occasionally the club may have limited promotional events for non members.  In all other circumstances you must become a member before using the club.  Full members can bring a guest but the host will be charged for the guest. 

How do credits work?  

Credits provide access to the club.  1 Credit will provide 1 hour of access to anything at the club.   Membership plans all include credits.  If a member uses all of their credits, they can purchase more as needed at the same rate.  Credits have no cash value.

Am I charged credits when I am not playing? 

As a private social club, the Seven Deuce Club does not charge anyone unless there is a multi player game going on.  Members should feel comfortable showing up early knowing they will not be charged until a social game is in effect.  If a social game is running, anyone who is in the club will be charged for usage.  If a member wants to wait on a game type to open up without being charged, they can wait in the lobby area (within 10 feet of front door) and remain logged out until their preferred game type opens up.  The Seven Deuce Club is in the business of providing it's members a place and atmosphere to enjoy the games they love.  

Is there a rake in the poker games? 

No.  There is absolutely no rake.  100% of any bets, wagers, or prize money used by members will be transferred between, and cashed out by members.  

Do employees or dealers take tips? 

Seven Deuce Club employees do not accept tips.  Dealers who are members (and not employees of the 7-2 Club) can accept tips.  Any transaction, wager, competitive prize, deal, or gift between members, is only between members, and the 7-2 Club does not take any portion of any of these transactions.


Can members sports bet? 

All the games at the Seven Deuce Club are skill games were the player largely controls the outcome.  Betting on things that the player has no control over are prohibited while at the Seven Deuce Club.  No sports betting.  No flips.  No dice games. No slot machines.  

What are free roll chips? 

Players of all game types may receive free roll chips for exceptional events (like a 7 point swing in a shuffle board game, or a high hand in a poker game).  These chips may be used in promotional tournaments that have cash or other prizes.   They may also be given away to incentivize different things such as showing up on time or staying till the club closes.  Free roll chips may be saved or spent at any time but cannot be transfered between members.  Free roll chips have no cash value.

When are the free roll tournaments? 

Players can use their free roll chips in periodic free roll tournaments.  The free roll schedule will be posted at the club.  Some free roll events may be open to the public (for free).  

Do you provide LE/ military/ student discounts?  

Yes.  Fire, teacher, and corporate discounts also available.  

How is my time tracked?  

All members should log in when entering the 7-2 Club using the QR system.  Trial members and full members who have misplaced their QR code should check in with staff.   Upon leaving the club, members should check out by the same method.  Failure to log in will result in a 1 credit charge on top of that days usage.  There is no charge for forgetting to log out but is recommended for accurate accounting.  Members should log in even if there are no games running.  Members will not be charged until the first social game starts.  Members can wait in the lobby area without logging in.


Can members smoke?  

The Seven Deuce Club is non smoking.  Members can step outside to smoke but must remain more then 8 ft from front entrance.   Any illegal activity will result in immediate revocation of membership and will be followed with appropriate action from law enforcement. 


Do you launder money or participate in organized crime like people from a card room in Houston were accused of?  

Absolutely not.  We have industry leading KYC and AML policies in place and have and will continue to cooperate with any regulatory agencies.   

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